Portrait photo of the 'Singer sewing machine' Hare
Two Hares 'sitting awhile'
 The same two Hares as above from the other angle, the one on the right has a cast iron Singer sewing machine shoulder
'Let the Hare sit awhile'
Two patient Hares
Hare Belle  2012
Hare Belle
Hare Belle Head
Hare Belle right profile
Scottish Hare 2011
'Hare' rear view.JPG
'Hare' left side view.JPG
Hare's Hare 2009
Hare's Hare 2 - Copy.JPG
Highland Hare 2007/8
Highland Hare 1.JPG
Highland Hare 2.JPG
Lazy Hare 2011
Hare  scotland AAF.JPG
Hare  scotland.JPG
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