The Dog Knows best IV.jpg
The Haberdasher's Dog
 The 'Haberdasher's Dog' is 55cm H x 78cm L x 24cm W
The Scottish Deerhound
The Haberdasher's Dog and Scottish Deerhound together
Shaggy Dog Tale
Shaggy Dog Tale 7.jpg
 Little Red Riding Hood is very visible
'Entre le Chien et le Loup'
'Twilight Hound'
Rufus, the Hound
Rufus dog left profile.jpg
Rufus , the red dog is 60cm L x 60cm H x 36cm W
'Butterfly Hare'
The 'Butterfly Hare's' butterfly
'You have Summer and you have Winter, why then be in a hurry?'
 The only gesture made towards traditional Taxidermy is the use of a glass eye that I found
 I used embroidery threads for the Hare's right eye
two Dumbo rats
Ravenna and Fawn, the delightful pet rats
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