'In the Company of Birds'

Union Gallery have kindly offered me a solo show at the end of the year, (more news of this later!) but in the meantime a few of my birds will be at the new show 'In the Company of Birds' opening on February 7th.
Along with some of my smaller birds there will also be some crows and magpies made from recycled wire and plastic damaged by heat. I am very fond of the 'corvidae' family as one injured crow literally walked into my life a few years ago needing some help and medication, after only a few days 'Edgar' had made a big impression on our lives with his intelligence and trust and will never be forgottten. He was always very scruffy and didn't look after himself too well which gave me the idea to make a sculpture of him looking fairly dishevelled, old burnt plastic with odd bits sticking out here and there was  perfect for the job.
Since getting to know more about these intriguing birds, I now befriend a large group of crows and magpies who follow myself and my dog every  morning on our walk  and caw to us as we leave the park ready for their titbits the next day.

The show will also include a wall-mounted piece which is almost 2D, it is based on a group of long-legged wading birds all walking along together, it measures 98cm long x 47cm high x 1cm deep

Long-legged line  98L x 47H x 1D.JPG