Another Life at Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery

I’m delighted to be taking part in this show in Leeds which starts on the 19th March and runs until 25th June. It celebrates artists and craftsmen who use found and discarded materials to create something new and even better! So many wonderful pieces will be there.

I have two of my animals in the show: ‘Black Swan’, life sized with the armature made from wooden furniture off-cuts and plaster, over which I tightly bound and stitched strips of vintage fabric, leather and black wire.

The other piece is ‘Fish please’ the life size cat, it has an armature of old wire netting onto which I attached numerous ‘found’ objects with copper from electrical wiring. Amongst the many objects used are cutlery, horse brasses, typewriter keys, watch parts, an old tin tray and several buckles and keys.!another-life/c8bf

Black Swan

Black Swan

Fish please  the Cat

'Fish please' the cat