The Albion Gallery in Chipping Norton

I have just met the owners of this new gallery in the beautiful Cotswold town of Chipping Norton. The opening exhibition starts on May 2nd and will be well worth a visit.
This Little Horse of mine will be there along with some other pieces


63cm H x 76cm L x 19cm W

One Church Street Gallery, Spring Collection

This show is running from 22nd March to the 26th April and there are several of my Kimonos, some large and some very small, made from tin and copper wire

The gallery is in Great Missenden, Bucks HP16 0AX


Sky Blue Kimono  138cm H x 123cm W x 8cm D

Floral Kimono     frame size 26cmW x 26cmH x 4cmD

What's happening this year?

My solo show in Edinburgh went really well, a big thank you to Rob and Alison from the Union Gallery and also to all the many kind people who bought a piece (or two).

The first show that I am working towards will be at the Smithy Gallery, Glasgow in their "wee timorous beastie' exhibition in April then later in the year I'm hoping to be at the Hampton Court Flower show for the first time and I shall also be exhibiting at the Affordable Art Show, Battersea in October.

Here's  couple of images of "Carriage Horse' which is on display at the Jack Tierney Gallery, Aberdeen at the moment. The name comes from all the wonderful small toy coach horses I found at a car boot sale and incorporated into the piece.


You can see one of the toy horses under the eye  which is made from an antique spoon.

 Typewriter keys, cutlery and knitting needles are also to be found in the piece. 52cm high x 67cm long x18cm wide

Packaging pieces ready for the show

I'm now in the midst of bubblewrap and tape getting my works ready for their trip to Scotland, hoping they will not get caught in the predicted storm on Monday! 
Here are a couple of pictures of 'Cygnus' the third life size Swan in the show, it is cast in bronze resin and is number 2 of an edition of 25.
I am delighted with the result and think it is a wonderful piece for either indoors or out, the original was made from wood and plaster around which I wrapped and stiched layer after layer of fabric, lace and wire. all the details of the materials used have been captured beautifully, it looks quite splendid!

Cygnus right profile.JPG


Here is the image for my solo exhibition at the UNION Gallery, starting in two weeks time.  The picture is of two life size swans made from recycled tin plus the odd bit from an old typewriter, dog lead clips, cutlery and wristwatch straps to name a few.
The swans are as much of an homage to the beautiful carved wooden decoy birds of America to the real live birds floating on the water.

If you are in the area, please do visit, there are lots of animals hence the name of the show.
the address is: 45 Broughton St., Edinburgh EH1 3JU

Squirrel Mayhem

I have been busy in my workshop with a whole crowd of squirrels waiting to be photographed, I swear sometimes they move when I turn my back on them!

They are soon to be packed up and sent off to my solo show at the Union Gallery,  Edinburgh for November 1st.


Here is 'Picante' the squirrel, named after the pimento tins I used in making him

August birds A pair of Long-tailed Titmice

This coming August I would like to offer a pair of Long-tailed Titmice. These are some of my most popular birds and I always make them as a pair as I've never seen them alone in the wild, they love each others ' company.

The cost is £260 which includes postage and packing to the UK (if they are to go abroad there will be an extra charge of £20)

If you are interested in purchasing this unique pair please contact me via email at Payment can be made via Paypal who do all the currency conversions at no extra cost to you and also gives you added buyer protection.


July's Tufted Titmouse

This month's little bird on offer is a Tufted Titmouse, a North American cousin of our European Titmice. I choose to make this little chap as I had such fun making a pair of Chickadees for a commission, I thought I'd research some of the birds of America. I love the soft grey colouring with the flash of buff orange under the wings along with the wonderful crested head.

He measures 14 cm from tip of beak to end of tail and I am offering it at the price of £130 (which includes p&p to the UK, if he goes overseas it will cost another £20 extra)
It will be available to the first person who contacts me via email and then I shall send it by tracked courier as soon as the payment has gone through via Paypal (which gives added buyer protection)

Pinkfoot Gallery

I have a new gallery taking my work , the Pinkfoot Gallery on the beautiful North Norfolk coast where I have had many happy holidays watching the seals and shrimping so I am delighted to have been given the chance to show with them. They have a wonderful selection of works and represent several fantastic artists so I look forward to a long relationship with them.

Pinkfoot Gallery is on the High Street,  Cley-next-the-sea, North Norfolk NR25 7RB
their website is worth looking at

 The Pinkfoot Gallery

June offer. A Kingfisher (sorry he has already flown away)

So here was June's offer of a Kingfisher, one of my most popular and colourful birds.
  Every 1st of the month I will upload a picture of one of my birds for sale direct to my website readers.
So the bird for this month of June is a Kingfisher , to give an idea of size, he measures 19cm from tip of tail to beak and sits perched on a wire twig to hang on the wall.
His special offer price is £150 (incl. UK p&p ) for worldwide postage add another £20.
My email is:    and here is the splendid fellow!


Zoneonearts a website to follow

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Deborah Blakeley who runs a fantastic website called ZoneOneArts. She tracks down artists and galleries from a whole variety of disciplines, researches them and then conducts an interview with an insightful series of questions.

The website makes for fascinating reading and I'd recommend everyone who is curious about art and life to subscribe to it.

My interview, (if you haven't already had enough about my work) is


May offer - A Great Titmouse has now flown off!

Here's a new idea that I would like to offer to my readers , every 1st of the month I will upload a picture of one of my birds for sale direct to my website readers.  It will be available to the first person who contacts me via email and then I shall send it by tracked courier as soon as the payment has gone through via Paypal (which gives added buyer protection)
So the bird for this month of May is a Great Titmouse, he measures 11cm from tip of tail to beak to give an idea of size and sits perched on a wire twig to hang on the wall.
His special offer price is £130 (incl. UK p&p ) for worldwide postage add another £20.
My email is:    and here he is, hope you like him.

 Great Tit for May

Great Tit for May

Mobile Photography

A talented young photographer, Louise Fryer makes images using her mobile phone and ipad. She has incorporated one of my 'dishevelled' birds into an arresting picture.

You can find out more about her work at


Affordable Art Fair 7th - 10th March

I have just come back from delivering 13 pieces to be shown with Scotland Art at the Affordable Art Fair held in Battersea Park, London.

Apart from some of my bright Macaws and some smaller birds there are two Mad March Hares made from wood, plaster, fabric,discarded knitting needles, old typewriter keys and wire, of course!

Leaping Hare

Bounding Hare

'In the Company of Birds'

Union Gallery have kindly offered me a solo show at the end of the year, (more news of this later!) but in the meantime a few of my birds will be at the new show 'In the Company of Birds' opening on February 7th.
Along with some of my smaller birds there will also be some crows and magpies made from recycled wire and plastic damaged by heat. I am very fond of the 'corvidae' family as one injured crow literally walked into my life a few years ago needing some help and medication, after only a few days 'Edgar' had made a big impression on our lives with his intelligence and trust and will never be forgottten. He was always very scruffy and didn't look after himself too well which gave me the idea to make a sculpture of him looking fairly dishevelled, old burnt plastic with odd bits sticking out here and there was  perfect for the job.
Since getting to know more about these intriguing birds, I now befriend a large group of crows and magpies who follow myself and my dog every  morning on our walk  and caw to us as we leave the park ready for their titbits the next day.

The show will also include a wall-mounted piece which is almost 2D, it is based on a group of long-legged wading birds all walking along together, it measures 98cm long x 47cm high x 1cm deep

Long-legged line  98L x 47H x 1D.JPG

Horse of Sparta off to a new home

Well the wonderful Jack Tierney gallery in Aberdeen have already found a new home for my 'steampunk' Horse.
Sorry it wasn't a little longer in the gallery!


Upcycled Sculpture ready for Leeds

'Hare Belle'  79cm high x 37cm long x 22cm wide
This piece is going to be shown at the Leeds show in November. It is made from a whole assortment of recycled and now 'upcycled' materials!
I have made several Hares in the past and they are such a beautiful form to work on, I try to portray their seemingly deceptive fragile structure and their ever alert state of presence.
In this piece close inspection will reveal car windscreen wipers, bits from a cafetiere, a dog collar and cupboard handle amongst many other 'found' objects.